The Knapp Law Firm Team

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Jeffrey L. Knapp

Jeffrey L. Knapp is one of only three New-Jersey based Estate Planning Law Specialists, an exam-tested national credential that has been available since 1996. Jeff is known as a trusted advisor who combines over 35 years of varied legal experience with focused forward vision to inspire and draw out in his clients great thinking, connection and significance. Jeff is recognized by his colleagues in several national networks as a creative thinker and teacher.  These national networks serve clients who relocate, or extended families who seek to coordinate their planning. Jeff declined appointments to Annapolis and West Point to stay in New Jersey and earn his Bachelors (Honors English) and Juris Doctor (1985) from Rutgers University. He has also completed a three-year post-doctorate Masters in Wealth Strategies Planning® and become an EPI Fellow. He has served as a licensed CE provider for CPA’s, CFP’s and Insurance Professionals.  Jeff has co-authored four books on estate planning, business planning and charitable planning, and has helped produce The Ultimate Gift movie (starring James Garner, Drew Fuller, Brian Dennehy, Bill Cobbs and Lee Meriwether), which inspires charitable and legacy planning. The movie has also generated a prequel (The Ultimate Life) and a sequel (The Ultimate Legacy), and all three movies are aired regularly on The Hallmark Channel. Based on a study of 18,000 estate plans, Jeff has over the past 25 years created the Partners In TrustTM estate planning experience that is designed to achieve true results for client families.  He has licensed several of its components to ten law firms in other states. Jeff works with clients from ages under 20 to over 100 years, in planning estates ranging from under $20,000 to over $100 million.  He is also a Certified Time To Think Consultant, and one of the first Certified Legacy Advisors in the country.  A lifelong leader, Jeff has recently served as president of the Eagle Scout Alumni Association, chair of the Coalition on Family Caregiving at Overlook Hospital, and chair of the Stewardship Team at the Church of Saint James. Jeff is active with other charitable and youth programs, and you may have heard him on STAR 99.1 FM.  He has enjoyed renovating older buildings in Basking Ridge (1880) and Mendham (1738) for comfortable offices.  Jeff and his wife Deb have lived locally  since their 1986 marriage. They have four independently successful sons. Jeff loves his work and—God willing—plans to be at it for another 20 years.  In terms of practicing advance planning, Jeff and Deb have three-deep attorney backup outside the firm, put their deposit on Fellowship Village at age 41, and have their mausoleum drawer in Basking Ridge, so they literally do not plan to leave town.

Mrs. Knapp

Deborah Hennigan Knapp

Deborah Hennigan Knapp is respected by all as an insightful sounding board, but is more likely to be known as the enthusiastic mother of four sons and a very active member of the Church of Saint James. Deb clerked for The Honorable Robert Muir, Jr., in the New Jersey Superior Court, then worked at prominent Morristown and Somerset firms before she and Jeff started their firm and their family in 1989. Deb holds a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction (History and Religious Studies) from the University of Virginia, is a cum laude Juris Doctor graduate of the Notre Dame School of Law, and is admitted to the New Jersey Bar since 1985.  Deb started the Blankets of Blessings ministry at St. James, where she is also involved with the Women’s Ministry and is a Lector. Deb has served as Patient Liaison in the Maternity Ward at Overlook Hospital, where the four Knapp boys were born. At our firm, Deb works on Elder Law and Medicaid matters.


Karin Mulry, grew up across the street from Deb and Jeff.  Upon graduation from Gettysburg College in 1997, Karin went from trusted babysitter to trusted Client Services Coordinator at the firm.  Karin is loved and appreciated for her people skills and organizational skills.  The firm’s clients know that Karin can answer almost any question they have.  Karin lives in Hunterdon County with her husband Patrick Mulry, a licensed Real Estate appraiser who grew up in Basking Ridge, and their son.