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Welcome to The Knapp Law Firm LLC

Estate Law in New Jersey

We have drawn clients from all 21 counties in New Jersey, mostly by client-to-client referral. Regardless of how you arrived here, we are glad you did. We look forward to helping you and your loved ones.

Thinking of updating your Will? Check out Jeff’s Estate Planning Fire Drill video:

Here is an A to Z summary of who, and how, we can help:

Autistic clients, and clients with autistic children: thoughtful, effective planning

Business owners / professionals with start up, asset protection, and succession

Child in a challenging marriage, or in debt, who you want to leave assets to

Drug, alcohol, or gambling issues in the family; protecting people and assets

Elderly parent and a helpful child, ready to do bill-paying and care decisions right

Forming a Family Foundation, or Charitable Remainder Trust: do good, save taxes

Gun owners who don’t want to make their loved ones accidental felons

Help with family gifting (do not Deed Mom’s house!) and understanding Medicaid

Income tax reduction via business benefits, realty exchanges, retirement funding

Jeff’s own Continuity Committee ensures Firm’s ongoing relationships with clients

Keeping it simple, with a “Simple Will” and Powers of Attorney where appropriate

Later in life marriages, with separate beneficiaries, pre-nuptial agreements, etc.

Memory issues / early stage Alzheimers or Dementia…don’t delay, plan ASAP

Newlyweds, new parents, newly divorced individuals, and new retirees

Organizing your key financial, legal, and personal documents in an hour or two

Pets, antiques, art, collectibles or anything else that requires thoughtful planning

Qualified Domestic Trusts to benefit non-U.S.-citizen spouses

Real Estate in multiple states, including timeshares you want to keep / get out of

Special needs beneficiaries who require flexible planning for changing circumstances

Trustees of Living Trusts and Executors of Wills who need seasoned legal help

Uninterrupted access to assets by avoiding Guardianship and Probate proceedings

Veterans and their spouses who have questions about Aid & Attendance Benefits

Widowed, “non-financial” spouses who would like a friendly ear or two

eXiting New Jersey in a tax-efficient manner (our clients have moved to 28 states)

Young families, whose largest estate component may be their life insurance value

Zero Estate Tax planning regardless of where the Federal and NJ taxes end up

This page, along with the other pages tabbed above – Our Team, Services, FAQ's, and Contact Us – will hopefully confirm that you have definitely come to the right place.  We look forward to your call!